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 Hey i just wrote my first song

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PostSubject: Hey i just wrote my first song   Wed 28 Feb 8:10

hey i'm 14 and i was mused by a person i love so i wrote this song to say how i feel and it just came out so tell me whatcha think?

I really don't know what's happening to me (i really don't)
I think my mind is going to be crazy (oh yes it will)
How can i be more low.. to love a her (yeah yeah i know)
it's very strange and she's very great (I don't know what to do)

I think i'm going crazy
oh yeah my baby
no it ain't funny
i'm in love with a married lady

When i first saw her in a stunnin red dress
i thought in my mind oh she's such a bless
oh oh oh and those sexy hips
just look at what i'm saying i'm such a piss

Chorus x2

(Oh) i'm going down, i can't help it
(Oh) touching the ground, does my head in
(Oh) for the last time, will she ever know
no no no no i don't think so

Chorus x2

She's never gonna feel this way
and i know there's no such thing as that day
oh it's all about the way
of trying to be same

Chorus x3

No more trying
No more dying
No more crying
It's time to live
(No more of that crap i'm gonna live my life from now on)
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Hey i just wrote my first song
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