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 The Jazz Forums: Can You Dig It?

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PostSubject: The Jazz Forums: Can You Dig It?   Thu 13 Apr 17:29

Heya folks! I've been put in charge of the jazz forums because I asked for one I'm in love with jazz and it was thought that I would kill everyone if there wasn't the site wouldn't quite be the same if there was no special section.

So without further ado... the rules! ::groan::

1. Please no profanity. It doesn't make you or your post more intelligent.
2. No cybering! (Doubt half of you even know what that is, and I doubt anyone would be doing it at these forums, but still.)
3. No off-topic-ness. This is so obvious, it's not even funny.
This particular section is for jazz. Hence the name. However, if you end up talking about marching bands, I will let that slide, because I am a member of my school's marching band, and I love it. Ooh, also jazz ensembles, pep bands, whatever.
4. Have fun! Yes, this is a rule. D:<


In your life, strive to be like the red bell pepper... dance!
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The Jazz Forums: Can You Dig It?
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